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cowgo loading system


AgSmart trade show

We are back at another tradeshow to show off the COWGO Loading System, and all the ways it can make your life easier! On August 1 & 2, 2023, we will be attending the AgSmart Trade Show at Olds College. We will have booth No. 203 and will be showing real demonstrations of loading and unloading cattle with the COWGO Loading System. Make sure to stop by, say hi, and see the COWGO Loading system in action for yourself!

3 Easy Steps




*Patents Pending

Customized to Fit Almost Any Trailer


Installed Above The Floor

Storage for the bottom ramp is installed above the floor in a new sub-floor with no adjustments needed to the outer walls of the trailer.

Plenty Of Clearance

Small adjustments are made to the inside divider to ensure it has plenty of room to clear the new sub-floor of the trailer.

Folds Tight

The left and right sides of the COWGO loading system folds snug back into place along the back and drivers side of the trailer.

Setup & Stow

Ease of accessibility with the setup and stowing of the system makes loading and unloading of cattle in the field and/or pasture a breeze.

Foldable Design

The rear panel has an easy pull out and folding design to ensure fast and efficient setup.

Safe & Secure

The side panels are securely attached to the ramp when deployed which provides safety for the livestock while traveling up and down the ramp.

Save Fuel

Easier loading and unloading of livestock reduces the amount of idle time and emissions waiting for your turn to unload at a stationery loading chute.

Save Time

No more waiting for your turn. If there are multiple trucks with trailers to be unloaded each can be unloaded simultaneously, instead you can use your portable chute.

Save Money

Reducing fuel consumption and money spent or workers is something everyone enjoys. Using our well designed portable shoot saves you money.



The Cowgo Loading System is eligible as a portable loading chute under the Animal Health and Biosecurity Producer Program in Saskatchewan. Interested? You  can contact the Agriculture Knowledge Centre , where you will be put in touch with an Agriculture Programs Specialist closest to you in your area about getting Saskatchewan Government funding to have the Cowgo Loading System installed on your cattle liner.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Once you have the COWGO loading system installed there’s no need for a portable chute. The COWGO loading system allows you to easily load and unload. However, you can still back up to a regular stationary chute to load or unload without using the COWGO loading system.

Yes! The COWGO loading system can be removed. It can also be retrofitted to another unit.

No! We make a few small modifications to the divider to ensure it clears the new sub-floor.

There has to be at least 8.5 ft of room inside the trailer for the new sub-floor to contain the ramp.

Yes! The COWGO loading system can handle a high volume of livestock for commercial use, and also be used by private users.



In November, 2022, we made the top 5 finalists of the 2022 Ag Innovations in the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo. We were competing for $25,000. $20,000 was to be awarded by a panel of judges after hearing a 5 minute presentation from each finalist; and, attendees of the show could vote for the Farmers Choice Award which was $5,000. We are beside ourselves with excitement to say we are the 2022 Ag Innovations Winners for the Cowgo Loading System, taking home $20,000! We enjoyed every moment of the weekend, including meeting new friends and clients at our show booth. We look forward to working with you in the future!



hear from our customers

I have been using a Wilson cattle liner with the Cowgo Loading System for two years and I am thoroughly impressed with the ease in setting up and storing the Cowgo; how easily the cattle go up and down the ramp when loading and unloading at the pasture; how safe it has been for the cattle; and, how efficient it has been not to have to pull a portable chute from pasture to pasture. I have had to travel a great distance to some pastures and the cost savings have been significant. The Cowgo Loading System is a terrific innovation to the livestock industry and farming community.
Nels Nixdorff
Owner of the YV Ranch, Airdrie, AB.

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